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“Corporate,” in terms of headshots, doesn't have to equal boring or blase. I hear “corporate” classified this way quite often with photography. There are a few reasons I’ve gathered that this type of headshot has a more negative connotation from someone aspiring to look good in their new company headshot. In my experience though, corporate can actually be glamorous, sleek and beautiful.

Unfortunately, I think that most of the time when larger companies hire out for headshots, they’re looking for a machine-like approach. Efficiency is wonderful and necessary, however, I feel like the individual gets lost in the mass - especially if the person is introverted, quiet or uncomfortable in front of the camera. Corporate and team headshots do, indeed, need to be efficient but they also need to showcase each team member in a positive light.

Along with the static experience, a lot of people think of corporate headshots being like school portraits - a flat light with a modeled grey backdrop or a plain stark white backdrop. These backgrounds can work and, keeping consistency across departments is important, but there is a way to this type of set up in a flattery way.

When we work to do corporate and team headshots on location, we make the time to create a private space, free of distractions and people. It’s important that the person being photographed can focus on themselves and us, the photographer and style team.

We also value lighting each person in the most flattering light. While we typically stick to one lighting setup, we make adjustments for each person who comes in.

Best of all, adding these personal touches and minor adjustments doesn’t add more than a minute or two to each individual headshot. In the grand scheme of things, that’s such a small amount of time to sacrifice helping people feel comfortable and achieving a headshot they’ll love that is sleek and beautiful.

Celebrating Rebecca
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She came in poised, intention in every movement. She was the kind of woman who automatically commanded a room with quiet leadership. She smiled as we exchanged greetings and then sat on our dark velvet grey couch, setting a folder squarely to her side and then briskly folding her hands in her lap. Meeting her expectant air, I began to ask her about her needs.

Upon determining her need for portraits was specific to her profession, I asked “What do your portraits need to achieve?”

”I am not sure what I need. I know what I don’t want. I don’t want to be too corporate,” Rebecca replied swiftly. She was always straight to the point.

As I continued learning about her, I determined that, with her move to a director’s position at a new company in a new state and the different leadership and potential speaking roles she would be filling, she needed branded headshots to represent her fully. After expressing my assessment, she then handed me the folder.

I smiled. It was clear upon opening the folder that she had been assessing me much as I had been assessing her. She’s the perfect fit for her new director’s role. Inside the folder were magazine clippings of professional women’s portraits that were professional and just corporate enough without crossing into rigid territory. Off-handedly, Rebecca mentioned that there was a clipping in the folder of a pose which we had already discussed. I was glad for her scrutiny to make sure I was the photographer she truly wanted.

Her session ended up being wonderful! We achieved several different headshots to be used in a variety of forms, from her speaking gigs to her everyday office use.

Celebrating Robyn

A familiar face came back to our studio recently. For those of you who may not know who Robyn is, she came to us last year for a Glamour Experience. (Click Here to see her experience) This time, she needed two new headshots.

She had two separate needs - a casual look and a professional look. Her most important consideration was to appear trustworthy in her portraits. Below are the final two portraits she selected.

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Women's Professional Headshots | Professional Women | Red lip professional outfits | Relaxed Headshots | What to wear for professional headshots | Corporate headshots | Places to visit in Winston Salem, North Carolina | WSNC Photographer | Jasper & Fern