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Celebrating the Beauty of Being Yourself

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Photography that Empowers Women

If there is one thing in this life I can say with certainty, it is that you are loved. You are more precious than jewels, purposefully and wonderfully made. It is my heart to be an honest reflection of your value so that you might see your worth, your potential and your impact. 

So many times we women focus on what we feel we don't live up to and we fixate on our "shortcomings." This short-sided view all-too-often has us missing out on the most wonderful and beautiful parts of ourselves. We see our rough, raw edges coated in dirt and thick layers of scars and we often fail to see the truth in the precious gem that is our core. 

As a woman who has persisted through abuse and sexual assault, who overcame self-harm and survived multiple suicide attempts, who struggles with self-confidence and depression I am defined, most importantly, by the forgiveness, grace and abundant love I have been shown - my true value. This love that I have been given is why Jasper & Fern exists. It is why my deepest desire is to create a space that encourages, supports and empowers women in all stages of life, from all walks of life. 

Jasper & Fern, aptly named after a stone which encompasses hundreds of varieties just like the human race and a plant which represents compassion and welcoming, is about celebrating what makes you, YOU.  My role, specifically in this, is creating photography experiences around your personality, style and value. Whether you are going through a transition, a life change, or just have something or someone you want to celebrate, I am here to empower you.

Headshots & Personal Branding


Designed for the professional, from the entrepreneur to the corporate team, headshot and personal branding sessions are a simple and easy way to keep your business personal, approachable, relatable and relevant. 


These sessions are all about celebrating you. Built around your personality, style and whatever (and whomever) you want to celebrate, we'll bring out your best. Glam it up or dress it down to bare feet and a t-shirt, celebrate your family or your strength facing cancer, gift someone a memorable birthday session or come together for a Ladies Night Out - you decide and we'll design.


Want to take it up a notch and make your dream photographs a reality? Our specialty services are one-of-a-kind creations involving in-depth conceptual designs, custom or designer wardrobe, and a complimentary aesthetic - be it a created set or exclusive location - to pull it all together.