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I'm a Sucker for Cute

I am a sucker for puppies, baby animals, tiny plants, tiny mittens, odd animal friends cuddling and the, often silent, characters in movies that say anything and everything with their eyes and over-exaggerated body language. In fact, the whole reason I decided to write this blog was because someone shared a tiny knit mouse image to me and its little whiskers and teeny-tiny eyes melted me. Yes, I was melted by an inanimate object. There's proof below at how cute this thing is though! Seriously, it's adorable.

Anyway, this little mouse and my reaction to it got me thinking. I feel SO MUCH happier after I have seen something cute. There's a science behind "cuteness" and I'm sharing a link to that article below. Really, though, I just wanted to share some cuteness with you and push that happiness towards you all!

(You're welcome!)

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Feel Good
Feel Good Session | SAD | Seasonal Affective Disorder | Winter Blues | Jasper and Fern | Winston Salem, NC | Mental Health | Self Care | Winter Blues | How to care for yourself | Depression | Migraine | Circulation issues | elderly winter care | Self care ritual

What does it mean to you to "feel good?" Does that mean being full of energy, having a full stomach, not getting sick, experiencing happiness over cemented in place, avoiding migraines, having warm hands and feet? For many of us, feeling good during the winter months means defeating the dull dark days, lethargy, tendency to over eat, not having ice substitute for our hands and feet and keeping up our energy. This winter will be no different and we want to help you be victorious over the downfalls of the cold season and feel good.

If you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or increased depression, circulation issues, dehydration and a drop in energy during the winter, or you just want to give yourself a little extra self care, relax and refresh yourself with a Feel Good Session. 

Your Feel Good Session includes :
- Compressive touch and Swaddling Session with one of our massage therapists to help move blood and lymph throughout your body, manage pain and relieve stress and worry
- Deep conditioning treatment to keep your hair happy and healthy
- Bright Light Therapy
- Immune and Mood boosting Essential Oil application
- Self Care Goodie Bag

Book a Commitment Package and receive one Feel Good Session a month so your self care will last the entirety of Winter. Commitment Packages are $400 (Save $100).

This is a truly great way to care for yourself and help alleviate pain this winter. Thank you for committing to care for yourself!