Celebrating Julie : Overcoming Camera Anxiety and Shoulder Surgery

Anxiety does not photograph well, ugh
— Julie concluded with frustration.

Being the librarian for an online international college, it was important to Julie that she have headshots that showed her fun-loving spirit, quirkiness and approachability.

"What I'm needing is not so much a Glamour Shots experience as a professional headshot with assistance," Julie's email read with a bit of stress. She went on to explain that her employer had recently provided headshots for her but she needed assistance "minimizing [her] double chin and reminding [her] to smize." Additionally, Julie wasn't happy because she felt anxious and uncomfortable as the portraits took place in a lobby full of people. "Anxiety does not photograph well, ugh" she concluded with resounding frustration. 

Julie's recent shoulder surgery had also become an added obstacle. "I'm needing some assistance with hair and makeup partly because I rarely wear makeup anymore, but also because I recently had rotator cuff surgery and cannot reach my eyes with my right hand at the moment. I can't even put my hair in a ponytail by myself." 

Even though she was frustrated with the situation, there was a strength behind Julie's words. Admirably, her previous unflattering photographs had not deflated her confidence and, when we finally met in person, she left me smizing myself. 

We provided Julie with hair and makeup services for her headshot session and matched four different outfits, ranging from relaxed and business casual to traditional business attire. After 20 minutes in front of the camera, Julie had a great selection to choose from. Check out the video of her session below to see the two favorites she chose!