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Celebrating with Jennifer B.
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Passport photos are one of those things that look like they'd be a simple process but tend to be a bit more complicated than you'd think, right? Well, yes, they really can be. That's why when Jennifer booked a headshot session for herself to update her LinkedIn profile, she wanted to make the most of her session and get a passport photo she really liked to renew her passport. 

With a new haircut and a trip just a short ways away, Jennifer wanted to get her passport portraits done quickly and without looking like she was submitting a mugshot - because, many times, you aren't allowed to smile for your passport picture.

Jennifer and I worked on "smizing" to give her eyes the friendliness of her personality. We did multiple different arrangements with her bangs so that she would have all the options she wanted. Then, when all was said and done, Jennifer came out with a lovely portrait!

(Curious to see what her session looked like? check out the behind the scenes video below!)