6 Hours, 5lbs of Clay and One Mummy Later

"Any day the studio looks like this, it's just proof of a really memorable experience." - Alyson Rorem | Behind the Scenes | Winston-Salem, North Carolina Photographer | Women's Portraiture | Women owned Business | Shop Local | Dream Portrait Experience | Archaeology | Mummy

People are inspiring. We each have quirks that make us tick and excite us. Finding out what those interests are adds to my love for what I do. 

Sarah, who you'll meet in the video below, was recently selected for a top-tier opportunity in her field. This trip will take her to Spain to have hands-on experience with MUMMIES! How cool is that?! Really, really old dead people may not be everyone's thing but they're certainly Sarah's! She is the ever-inquisitive adventurer, constantly thirsting for knowledge and answers to "why." She enjoys prodding into topics and learning as much as she can.  With a special interest in Egyptian culture, combined with her love for modeling, we knew marrying avante-garde fashion with artifact lighting and designing Sarah into her own special "goddess," her Dream Portrait Experience was set to be unique.  

Check out the full behind-the-scenes video below - you'll even get a sneak peek at some of the final portraits from her session!

It’s like a jigsaw puzzle, except you can’t cheat and look at the box and not all the pieces are there.
— Stephen Dean, about archaeology