Dirt, Healing and Unseen Beauty

*WHACK* I'm not really a violent person but, I most certainly will fervently chip at a geode to get it open! Cracking open a geode without obliterating it can take some patience. I get SO excited when that final hit splits the stoney shell. It's kind of like Christmas, getting to see the crystals that have formed inside. You never quite know what beauty you're going to discover - and that's just like discovering beauty in people. 

It's difficult for me to ignore the parallels between geodes and appreciating our own beauty. Self love isn't always easy. We often see our "imperfections," our deviations from the "beauty standard" and we forget that we are so much more. We're not dirt covered inspiration-less rocks. We each have a beauty inside of us that was created with the deepest love and care, a potential to astound the world around us. Just like geodes, all people are different. Whatever lies inside, we have to remember to treasure it for what it is.

We don't love ourselves overnight either; it's a journey, an exploration. Often times, with our worst enemy is between our ears, our doubts hold us from fulfillment, from happiness, from being our best selves - from truly loving and caring for US as we need to be cared for. It may take time to gain access to the crystals of beauty inside or, it may take just a few taps. Either way, we must remember to be patient and attentive to where we allow ourselves to work on our shells. At our own pace, we have to take steps chipping away and discovering what we need and and what we appreciate about ourselves. We have to be patient and intentional with our self care.

So often self care is made to be superficial. It's important to acknowledge that self care isn't just chocolates and bubble baths; it's digging into our pains and insecurities, chipping away and flushing out the gunk of doubts and loathing that builds and rots away out in our hearts. It's getting rid of toxic people, taking showers regularly, honoring our mental and emotional state - and so much more! 

I urge you to love yourself for all that you are. I encourage you to look inside (and outside) and focus on what you appreciate and value about yourself. Delve into your self care. Be patient with your journey and enjoy discovering the beauty that is in you!

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