Self Love Healing Box

We are beyond excited to be working with artist and creator Toni Becker, a local Winston-Salem artist who specializes in healing through art and intentional creation. Toni will be hosting one of her Self Love Healing Box Workshops here at Jasper & Fern on Thursday, July 13th.Toni created this workshop with the intent of filling your cup through creativity.

When we are caught up in the rush of everyday life, our cup of wellness easily runs low and empties out. We nurture and care for everyone around us and we frequently forget to care for ourselves. If we don't care for ourselves, we cannot truly and fully assist those we love nor can we truly give our best to all of our tasks. Often we think that our running on emptiness only affects us but that is not the case. If our cup runs low (NOT dry!! Don't let it get dry!) we need to recharge and fill our cup to be the best us and to be able to give and serve fully.  

Your Self Love Healing Box is a small and wonderful way to add an easy self care habit to your routine. If you don't have a self care routine, this is a perfect way to start small and make a positive impact on your day.

In this workshop, you will be given the opportunity to you will create a small self-love trinket box filled with messages to give you a boost each day. You will be provided a box, paints, papers, stamps and other creative supplies to create a healing box that is just for you. If you have a personal image you would like to place on your box, make arrangements to print it and bring it with you.

This workshop is going to be really fun and I hope you can join us!

To register, call Toni directly at 336-608-8637 or email Alyson of Jasper & Fern at

Check out the Event details here!
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