Unseen Beauty

unseen beauty

There is often beauty where we fail to see it. Sometimes it just takes a new perspective to see that beauty. Sometimes it's looking through the eyes of grace. Sometimes it's understanding that change and transformation are needed - and even going beyond that understanding and committing to seeing that change through. That beauty is there though. It's in the darkest, ugliest places. It's in the places that seem un-redeemable. It's in those places you don't like in other people and it's in the places you detest in yourself. This is why Love is so important. We can all take steps to love each other more. We can all take steps to love ourselves more. We can all take steps to accepting more love. Even the smallest act of love can nurture the beauty inside someone. The greatest act of Love will change a life. That beauty is there. It's in everyone and in every place. Don't forget to look.