Beautiful YOU!

I am so THRILLED to share this workshop with you! My good friend, and local Winston Salem artist, Toni Becker and I have been working to create a workshop that will bring about the opportunity to embrace your beautiful selves!

You already possess beauty. You already have value. You are exactly who you need to be in this
moment of your life.
— Alyson Rorem
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Our inner beauty resides within us whether we acknowledge it or not. Most of us have been taught to see outer beauty for ourselves and others, quickly judging and critiquing it unconsciously and consciously. If we stop, breathe and focus, we can see that beauty stretches past our outward appearance and truly comes from within, where it radiates out into everything we do. Looking beyond the surface and acknowledging our beauty gives us the power to feel good, love ourselves deeply, and manifest what we want for ourselves.

Each of us are unique and beautiful in our own way, with a bright light that is meant to shine in the world.
— Toni Becker
Envisioning Canvas | Toni Becker | Winston Salem, NC | local artist | Jasper and Fern | | Whimsical Jewels

Each of the three sessions in this workshop will focus on what makes us uniquely beautiful. We will work together to envision our goals, provide ourselves with the means and encouragement to reach our goals and celebrate ourselves. Each of these workshops is intended to assist you in your daily life to feel beautiful, deeply love yourself, and envision your dreams. Each participant will make a vision journal, a vision adornment and have their own portrait experience allowing their inner beauty to shine!


We can't wait to share this workshop with you in 2018! Check our our Facebook Event page for official dates and workshop updates!


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