Falling into Cold Weather

The topic of depression almost always hits home for me. I, myself, struggle with it as well as many of my friends and colleagues. Every time the leaves start to fall, I feel myself begin to miss the summer. I don't miss the summer because the summer is my favorite season; I begin to miss the summer because I know the battle that lay ahead of me - one which I don't have to face all the time when the trees are green, the air is warm and the sun can shine on my face. Cold weather always accentuates my depression.

Cold weather affects many people. Whether it exacerbates pre-existing conditions and chronic illnesses, deepens depression, subjects people to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), creates more migraines and other circulation issues or increases join pains, cold weather is not ideal for many. Those of us who are prone to these issues must be proactive in our self care. Keeping our minds healthy will help keep our bodies health and, similarly, keeping our bodies healthy will help keep our minds healthy.  

Each year, I do my best to combat falling into a deep depression. I learn new tips and tricks to keep healthy and happy. From exercise to drinking habits and incorporating essential oils, I have a few routines in place. This year, I'm adding bright light therapy and surrounding myself with even more plants. I've done research on the best natural ways to ease my depression, and each year the "recipe" gets better.

This year, I encourage you to start including more practices into your self care to directly address your ailments. Make a point to help yourself feel good - before you feel bad. Keep yourself healthy not only for yourself but for your family and friends. You are important to the people around you. Make sure the changing seasons and cold weather don't force you to miss out on relationships, health and memories.

Alyson LawtonComment