Do it for you.

Self care is IMPERATIVE! We take care of our family, our friends, our co-workers, our animals, our plants, our home, our cars - because everything needs attention to keep functioning properly. You are no different. You need care and check ups and to be shown value. Others won't always do this for you - which makes it even more important for you to show value to you!

I was listening to Guy Winch's Ted Talk on Self Care and he pointed something out that was an "ah ha" moment. It's plainly in my sight but it took someone pointing it out to realize the significance. He said, "we spend more time taking care of our teeth than we do taking care of our brains." He's right! We have our general maintenance - which is still good - but we often neglect the mental and emotional portion of our self care. We always have one more item on our to-do list, not enough time or other priorities. It's time, however, that we find a healthy balance and love ourselves as much as we want and need to be loved.

There are many ways to give yourself self care. My routine started with making an effort to brush my hair and pick out something "a little nicer than normal" to wear. Each day that I do this for myself, that I put even the smallest intention into caring about me, I see a difference. Making a point to get a massage regularly, making an effort to exercise more regularly (even if it's just stretching) or going and sitting my a lake or taking a hike in the mountains because that makes you happy and feel peace - any of these can help. Pay attention to what makes you happy, what makes you feel loved and do those things for you.

Alyson Lawton2 Comments