Building Women, Building Community

Incredible and powerful movement can happen when like hearted people come together. I knew this when I walked in the doors at the WinMock at Kinderton. I’d been here to both attend and photograph weddings but never for anything else. A team of amazing ladies from the DCCC Small Business Center, the Davie Chamber of Commerce and the Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce, WordJack Media, the Forsyth Tech Small Business Center and the Mitchell County Community College Small Business Center came together to create the Building Community, Building Women’s conference - and, wow, it was incredible! When I stepped in the door, I knew the day would be great, I just didn’t expect everything that happened next.

Amazing women shared their hearts and expertise on topics like becoming an authentic leader, seeing fate and balancing faith as a womanpreneur, networking with a purpose, overcoming challenges and strategies to help your business grow. There were heart centered and business centered talks that meshed together in a powerful way, filling the day with honest laughter and tears, hugs of new friends and old friends. It was true community.

I was reminded how to look at myself with honest examination, how to face obstacles head on, how to rely on the people around me for what I cannot do myself, how to connect genuinely and the importance of sharing my story. These are all incredible lessons to constantly be learning and growing in and I am so glad I had the opportunity to be surrounded by such inspiring women.

For a sneak peek at the day (or if you’re a business woman who is interesting in attending next year) feel free to check out the event gallery!

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