Celebrating the Grims

The Grims are a beautiful family! They have a naturalness that exudes simple beauty. They live on and run their own farm in Greensboro North Carolina, raising sheep, chickens, gardening their vegetables and caring for the odd cat that comes by. Lacey and Drew also find time to run their own DoTerra business, which is actually what brought us together as DoTerra was honoring Lacey and Drew for their hard work and achievement of reaching the Diamond level within their company.

Met with rainy skies and muddy roads on the day of their portrait session, I hopped out of my car to the sounds of bleating sheep and water droplets trickling down leaves. It was serene, their home, soft yellow against the grey skies, surrounded by a natural forest with a small pond. Mud covered boots in an array of small sizes greeted me as I walked up the path to their door. This place felt like home.

Lacey was in the midst of having her hair done. So her oldest daughter greeted me at the door. This was the first time I’d met Lacey and Drew’s children and I was struck by how beautiful they were, each starkly different from the next. You could feel the warmth of welcome instantly, their smiling faces lit up by the light of the large window overlooking their property. It is hard not to be taken by this family!

The children introduced me to their houseplants and cats, as well as stories of life on the farm as Lacey’s hair and makeup was completed. They were presently waiting for two sheep to give birth, hoping their efforts for breeding a stronger sheep would be prosperous. Each child shone. It was heartwarming to see what wonderful parents Lacey and Drew were. Giving all four of your children the room to be who they are and the attention they need to bloom is not an easy task, I imagine.

Everyone began to put the finishing touches on their outfits, debating barrets and shoes. Once all decisions were made, we headed out the door to take portraits on their property. Together we startled some sheep, entertained the cats, got a little wet and enjoyed some quirky laughs. Despite the dreariness, it was an uplifting day.

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