Career-Life Balance and Mompreneurship : An Outside Perspective


You are incredible, Mompreneur.

I'm truly not sure how you do it. I have a husband and two dogs along with my business and that's enough for me. You, however, are raising tiny humans. Tiny humans who you have to teach to talk, to eat, to walk - let alone how to live both as a structure in society and also with a moral compass. That's a huge responsibility. Working alongside and learning from many of you is a privilege. You are constant examples of strength, grace, patience and humanity. I applaud you.

Many of you have shared your struggles with your children, your business, your insecurities and balancing your lives with me and, I thank you always for your vulnerability. While listening to you, I've noticed several common threads amongst your struggles. Most commonly, I've heard you talk about struggling to find a work-life balance, getting enough customers in to make your time on business worth the time you spend away from your family, and marketing to get those customers on board. Until now, I've not known how I can aid you.

A few months ago, a lovely woman named Ramsey approached me with an idea. Ramsey is a mompreneur author who has two delightful young children and a big heart to help others. She proposed an idea, an absolutely wonderful idea that blossomed into an incredible group of women who want to serve helpful information and self-care to mompreneurs. Even down to the struggle of having ten minutes of quietly not being needed, Ramsey knows the struggle that comes along with her role as a mompreneur. Recognizing her own need for rest and refreshment and hearing the stories from moms in her social groups, she knew she wanted to create something special. That was when she approached me. 


Together, we created an event that allows for mompreneurs to attain valuable knowledge to further their businesses and therefore further support their families while simultaneously having the opportunity to refresh themselves and relax. Not only that but, this window is in between school drop-off and pickup so that it is easy to use your time as efficiently as you need. Your time is valuable and we want to honor it.

The most important investment you make is how you spend your time and who you spend it with.

For our first Mompreneur Morning Retreat event, we are excited to have Mallory Schlabach as the guest speaker. Mallory is a marketing strategist who helps mompreneurs with young businesses and young children create marketing plans and strategies that allow them to market the right thing at the right time to the right people. Mallory is excited to spend one-on-one time with each mompreneur attending the event to help them gain specific, targeted strategies for their businesses. Mallory is looking forward to helping each of you refocus and refresh your fall marketing.

In addition to the refresh and focus Mallory will provide you, Jasper & Fern will be providing an updated headshot for you. This headshot comes with light hair and makeup styling from hair and makeup artist Kirby Reese as well as one web ready file available to you via an online gallery. And, as if it couldn't get any better, each of you attending will receive massages from LMBTs Christina McKenzie and Mazaris Massage. We want this event to give you a moment to relax and refresh all the while help further your business. We would love for you to join us!

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