Our Heart

We see women who feel unnoticed, who are worn from Life. They are like raw gems with the greatest potential for beauty. Each woman has a unique value they offer to the world; It's just a matter of allowing yourself that vulnerability to dig out and refine that unexplored beauty. It's there in everyone. We just have to care about ourselves enough to see it or have someone in our lives who can instigate that care with us.

Revealing your inner and outer beauty is at the very heart of Jasper & Fern. It's in our every action, the creation of our products, the atmosphere of our studio and is even evident in our name. You see, when we were thinking of what to name ourselves, we wanted to make sure our name aptly represented why we are a company not just what we do as a company. Through the stories of our clients and our own story, Proverbs 31:10 kept presenting itself.


— PROVERBS 31:10

With every woman we come to know, we have the incredible opportunity to see what makes her truly beautiful. Women have an aesthetic beauty which has its own appreciation but, that is never what astounds us. Without fail, seeing into her heart - your heart - and experiencing the truest form of beauty within, that is what leaves us in awe. So many times we women focus on what we feel we don't live up to and we fixate on those "shortcomings." This short-sided view all-too-often has us missing out on the most wonderful and beautiful parts of ourselves. We see the rough, raw edges coated in dirt and thick layers of scars and protection and we often forget or fail to see the truth in the precious gem that is our core. 

We want every woman to walk away knowing that they are precious. This motivation to show women how incredible and valuable they are had us seeking inspiration for our name in gems like rubies and emeralds - some of the gemstones more commonly considered as "beautiful." Those gems just didn't fit. It was too obvious, too expected, too much of a beauty standard and too over-used and not nearly as unique as we desire women to feel. That's when we started researching different types of stones, and everything began to fall into place.

Jasper caught our attention as soon as we came across it. It wasn't flashy, it isn't necessarily a beautiful stone in the rough and, while I'd heard of it, it wasn't associated with "ooohs" and "aaahs" of appreciation like diamonds and rubies usually are. Instead, Jasper stood out for other reasons. It is a is a unique stone with many varieties - leopard, ocean, red, picasso, drusy, african, bumblebee and the list goes on.  There are literally thousands of varieties of Jasper. Within those varieties, each stone has it's own unique story of where it's been and what it's been exposed to during its formation and age. All of these elements to each stone's story contribute to its patterns, colors and its textures. 


Understanding just how unique each stone was formed resounded deeply with us. How similar are we women to Jasper? We women are diverse, unique and each have our own stories to tell, Our Life journey shows through a plethora of patterns and, even if we share similarities, those experiences show up in different displays of beauty.

So where does Fern come in?

Well, as much as we loved and related to Jasper, we knew leaving our name as just "Jasper" wasn't going to be a full picture of our service. So, our next mission was to make sure we incorporated the love and acceptance we wanted people to intrinsically understand when they were introduced to us. That's where the Fern aspect comes in. Aside from being luscious, calming plants that just happen to be a favorite childhood plant of Alyson's, ferns represent sincerity. We are always seeking to love, photograph and create relationships with sincerity, to find a sincere appreciation for each woman's beauty.

Thus, Jasper & Fern was planted. It is a promise to you and it is our constant standard for ourselves in our service to you.

Alyson LawtonComment