Alright, men, we are here to rescue you before the holiday gift buying season ensues. It's the time to show your mom, your wife and your daughter(s) how much you value them. These tips are for you if you're searching for a gift that will communicate thoughtfulness, appreciation and your attentiveness to their wants and needs.  If you are also looking to deviate from your go-to gift-giving patterns, read on.  We know you're busy. So, we've broken this down into five quick tips and gift suggestions.

Tips : How to find a thoughtful gift for her

Tip 1. Women like to feel appreciated
When we feel undervalued, we also feel unnoticed, hurt and we get down on ourselves. Telling us what we mean to you - even if it's as simple as "That dress looks nice" - is INCREDIBLY important!

Tip 2. Women like to feel beautiful
You make our day when you tell us we are beautiful. Not only that, when you provide us with a way to feel beautiful we know you've noticed and appreciate us!

Tip 3. Women, especially moms, don't always take time to relax and meet their own needs
Relaxation is key to a happy life. You know she's busy, you know she works hard. Often, everyone else's needs come before her own - dinner, soccer practice, back massages, work schedules, the list goes on. Show her you appreciate her hard work.

Tip 4. Women often value Experiences over Tangible Items.
Tangible gifts are nice, don't get us wrong, but we will take happy memories any day! We want to DO something with you because we value and love you. In turn, you spending time with us or giving us the opportunity to make memories with our friends and family lets us know you value and love us too.

Tip 5. Women value Authenticity
Whatever you give us - words, time or something tangible - be genuine about it.

Gift Guide : Boutique Gifts for Her

Gift 1. Look in the Shower ($60 average)
Does she have a favorite shampoo and conditioner? How about favorite bath salts or bath bombs? These are great small ideas to give a bit of pampering. Click to purchase

Gift 2. Look at her Hands and Feet ($90 average)
Many women enjoy getting manicures and pedicures. If you notice she has clean polished nails, this could be the way to go!

Gift 3. Look at her Hair ($200 average)
Does she take time to make sure her hair looks nice? Does she enjoy going to the salon? A gift card to her favorite salon is a shu-win.
Click to purchase

Gift 4. Look in her Eyes ($190 average)
Is  she tired, stressed or look like she needs some rest and relaxation? Consider giving her a spa-day complete with a massage and facial mask. This is the perfect way to feel rejuvenated!
Click to purchase

Gift 5. Save money and give all these gifts in one! ($350) 
The ULTIMATE gift, a Beauty Experience, serves all of these needs AND saves you money. A Beauty Experience includes supplies for a nice relaxing bath, a manicure and pedicure, a salon day for her hair AND a makeup application ($150 value for makeup application alon), a facial mask with a hot towel, a head-neck-shoulder-and-hand massage, PLUS she gets to feel gorgeous and have portraits taken! Now, if you're adding up those expenses, buying those things separately will essentially cost you $690.

*average spent monthly on these products and services in a 12 month span